Longing for the In-Between

Do you get up in the morning and think “another boring day.  I wish my life were more exciting.”  Many of us get tired of the hum-drum our every day activities.  We believe that our lives will be more fulfilled if we had more “adventure” in our lives.  We might emulate Walter Mitty, imagining ourselves as a someone who is  more exciting such as a war-time pilot, a dashing killer, or a surgeon in an emergency room.  Maybe you see yourself as Indiana Jones having dangerous adventures or being an international spy like James Bond.  We don’t always see ourselves as worthy of greatness.  We want to leave a legacy.

The In-Between

The In-Between by Jeff Goins

But consider this.  It is more likely that your legacy is just to be yourself – the best you can be with-in the mundane.  Jeff Goins calls this the In-Between.  In his new book, The In-Between, Jeff describes how some of the best moments of your life are the ones that people often overlook.  Yes, there will exciting experiences in your life, but stop and cherish those in-between times.  They might be the most perfect of all.


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